Technology is a race we want to win.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

From complex algorithms and machine learning to customer-friendly chatbots, artificial intelligence is a digital game changer.

But with great power comes great responsibility. We have a deep understanding of the incredible opportunities that artificial intelligence offers, as well as the industries it can help. Better yet, we understand the parameters involved and can gauge each client’s needs before offering a smart solution.

As member of the New Zealand AI Forum, we proudly support research and development in AI, and look forward to what's next in this space. 

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Here’s how we use artificial intelligence to create successful products for clients:


Natural Language Processing

Not just a cool-sounding band name, this technological development has opened new doors for products such as tone analysis tools and conversational interfaces.

We create smart apps backed by proven technologies built from huge amounts of natural language research, such as IBM Watson’s natural language services, Google’s TensorFlow and Amazon Lex. All of these libraries can be utilised to create seamless digital customer service interactions and creative business tools.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is an awesomely powerful way to learn from data. When utilised correctly, it’s also incredibly versatile. Machine learning can crunch through huge amounts of data, using complex algorithms to uncover interesting insights in a fraction of the time a human brain would take.

If you have a complex situation with a large number of variables, or huge amounts of raw data, Touchtech can employ the use of machine learning to help make sense of the bigger picture.

Talk to us about your idea – we’ll see if machine learning can provide you with a solid solution.



Nothing beats a quippy, quick-thinking chatbot. Rethink your organisation's customer service through interactive and useful bots that reduce the time it takes to seek simple answers. Not only are bots great to establish a tone and rhetoric that boosts your public brand, but they also label you as a helpful and savvy service provider.

Chatbots can also tap into and target established large audiences through Facebook Messenger. Get instant access to that two-billion-strong user base, which already has the app installed on their phone. Or branch into the Chinese market with WeChat chatbot capabilities – an app even more established and widely used than Messenger.

Leverage this technology early to dominate the future of customer service.


Some Examples


We created a personality insights tool for HR software firm PlanPro. Using the IBM Watson library, PeoplePro is capable of drawing informed conclusions from the personalities of potential or current employees. This was a new way of approaching people's personality traits and provided valuable insights for the employer. In this project, Touchtech also utilised IBM Bluemix.



Would you trust a chatbot to find a therapist? We created one to find out. This product was launched as a trial for future chatbot-based interaction: we wanted to find out whether people are responsive to a bot offering up sensitive information, such as recommended local therapists.

At Touchtech, we love working with new ideas and are willing to provide a low-risk environment for these types of innovations. If this type of service piques your interest, get in touch – let’s collaborate.