Let's plan your next big idea.


Through prototyping we are helping people to realise their ideas and understand the bigger picture when it comes to their potential products.

Prototyping allows us to build a realistic representation of what the product will be like for a client, without leaping head first into committing to development time. It also helps people to fine tune ideas and play around with what the concept that they’ve been creating in real time. For most projects we can bring usability testing right away, and often it allows people to see changes they want to make before heavy development time has been committed to the creation of an idea.

At Touchtech we can provide a range of styles of prototypes, either high fidelity with a complete design solution ready to build, or lower fidelity which functions as an example of pure UX flow.

We use various tools to create these prototypes, and can offer professional advice on the best format to create a prototype in with heaps of available options: including Invision and Atomic for high fidelity prototypes and then more basic options include Balsamiq for low fidelity wireframes. However if you have a particular tool in mind - then we can work to make that happen! 

As a dynamic organisation we can create a prototype in various different project styles, if you are looking to create a MVP solution then we can use a prototype in an inception phase to help touch on what we are wanting to form. In lean project style prototypes can be good to help us create and plan at the same time, streamlining our process, especially if we are using a tool with a lot of built in assets.

If this option sounds like it’s the logical next step forward for your awesome idea then let's have a chat about how we can execute a prototype tailored to your exact. Whether it’s to show to investors, or stakeholders, or even members of your organisation – we’ll be sure to wow them.