Behind every seamless user experience is a good dose of empathy. And a human.

User Experience (UX)

The best user experience is so simple it’s invisible. Creating an intuitive app or program requires a genuine desire to understand and anticipate the needs of its users, whatever their background. That’s why empathy is at the core of not only our design and development process, but our company values. We’re bringing humanity to the digital landscape.

Workshopping Our Way To Understanding

From start to finish, we use workshopping, wireframing and user testing to make sure each product is of true value to its audience and – we can’t stress the importance of this enough – simple to use. In our books all users are important.

To begin, we run UX workshops to make calculated estimates behind our users’ motives, creating an inception deck to help your project start to take shape. These workshops can span a couple of days, and also cover high-level wireframing. After beginning conceptual work in a low-fidelity format, we take your ideas to a high-fidelity prototype.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Each user is unique. As a firm idea of your project’s audience begins to form, we also use that information to create a base of user profiles or personas. These personas help our team imagine who to target in the build stage, adding value to what they make. We also create a thorough deck of user stories to encapsulate their motives from every angle. For Touchtech, this step is vital to crafting a solid final product and an effortless user experience.

Sound like something you need? Talk to us about providing UX workshops either as a standalone service, or part of your larger product development.