Everyone Has A Voice At Touchtech

Here at Touchtech, we strongly encourage everyone on the team having their voice heard.

We view ourselves as not only a workplace, but also a community. Everyone has valuable insights to share. From weekly team lunches to client workshops and blog posts, part of what makes Touchtech awesome is being part of a constant creative engagement process. We all thrive on this transparency and collaborative support.

This collaboration isn’t a privilege reserved for management or a PR team – we want developers, designers, testers and administrators to have their say about their company, even in a public setting. This gives us a shared sense of ownership that keeps everyone on the same page and fosters a stronger sense of community.

These Insights pages will touch on new technologies we’re experimenting with or implementing, as well as exciting realities we see on the horizon, or even just thoughts on maintaining a happy and harmonious team environment. There may even be some cheeky promotion of some awards we’ve won (come on, we’re allowed).

Keep an eye on our progress and updates right here on our blog, or follow us on LinkedIn.