SAM - The Virtual Politician

One of our primary objectives of recent times has been continuous improvement and skill development in the machine learning and artificial intelligence space. We have been really busy taking on a variety of these type of projects, with several members of the team building their repertoires at an expert level (read: Learning Machine Learning and AI: A Multidimensional Breakdown).


In line with this it's great to have the opportunity to give technical advice, and assist in the development of this visionary project, SAM - The Virtual Politician. Alongside creator Nick Gerritsen and those involved at Victoria University of Wellington, we're so excited to see SAM grow, and we'll continue to enhance the way it learns.


How does it work?

SAM’s goal is to learn about and represent the views of New Zealanders. “I listen to you and do my best to represent you in our parliamentary system. I am truly neutral and treat each and every New Zealander equally.”  You could say it's the voice of democracy.     Tweet This


Conversation with SAM the Virtual Politician 

Chat to SAM about an issue that interests you. The more you discuss, the more she will learn.  

At this current stage SAM is still learning, and is limited in what it can answer. Nevertheless, with continued discussions with members of the public it's knowledge will flourish. At Touchtech, we will continue to investigate how we can develop SAM’s ability to retrieve information from the web, optimise it's knowledge base, and digest your inputs. Still plenty of time for it to prepare for New Zealand’s 2020 election.

If you feel like chatting politics, check in with SAM to see what her thoughts are, and let it know yours. 

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For a deeper insight, listen to Touchtech CEO Andrew Smith discuss SAM - The Virtual Politician.