Signatures That Shape New Zealand

The He Tohu Exhibition - A unique presentation of Aotearoa New Zealand’s rich culture and history, focused on helping people engage with, and understand three key documents of our historical identity.

The documents are displayed on separate interactive touch-tables, presented in a carefully curated exhibition at the New Zealand National Library. End users are members of the general public, locals and tourists alike.

Touchtech’s mandate was to build three interactive software applications for each of the three touch tables, applying our strengths in writing powerful Javascript code for interactive experiences, fluid animation, and bringing intuitive technology to the GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums).

We spent over one year from initial research phase, right through to product development and execution. What you see now is a lively, digital archive able to hold a true myriad of insights; coming from the most knowledgeable historians, right down to the Kiwis who add unique value though their whanau korero.

With such dynamic functionality, we were challenged to creatively apply the spectrum of our capabilities - from data access to presentation, software to hardware integration, and everything in between.

From the outset and throughout, application and finesse of knowledge management was imperative for the dealing with the scale of the information, and security of sensitive, nationally important content. The sheer size of the project provided an obvious challenge, and the placement and sizing of information on the documents had to be treated with care and precision. Expert application of front-end capability in WebGL and PixiJS created a fluid, sophisticated, deep-zooming user-experience.

We cannot over-emphasize the complexity of this project, with over 10,000 hotspots where people can view, deeply explore, and even add content; strong- nearly indestructible-  development was critical to the build. Senior Touchtech staff were honoured to deliver this challenging set of capabilities to the highest of standards. 

Working with Click Suite - an ultra creative and exciting client - on a highly important, national heritage project. We were honoured to be involved, and excited by what we delivered.

Facilitating New Zealanders in understanding our shared history and paparahi was a genuinely rewarding exercise. Providing a platform for continued discussion, sharing of stories, and preservation of Aotearoa taonga. Not to mention, we enjoyed our own history lessons along the way.

Many thanks to Click Suite for having us on board, and being so great to work with. We certainly pushed each other to take a creative approach at all stages of the build, while ensuring the outcome was completely seamless, secure, and polished - culminating towards our 2017 Best Award in the interactive category. Ka pai.


For those tech enthusiasts, here’s a full list of the technologies we used during this project:

Images sourced from Click Suite