A point-of-sale system for the digital age.

Posboss is a fast, secure and intuitive mobile hospitality point-of-sale system. Designed by industry leaders, Posboss merges traditional elements of hospitality till systems with digital efficiency.

Posboss came to us with a fresh idea: to make POS systems easy, fast and intuitive for hospo businesses. Though the point of sale is the most important moment in the hospitality process, it had always been slow, frustrating and cumbersome.

Now with a light, dynamic iPad app, managers can update menus from the PosbossHQ website, allowing owners to track their sales data anytime, anywhere. We started developing the iOS app for iPad and the Ruby on Rails web application in mid-2012. We also worked on the business model, enhanced the design and user experience, and started rolling out the final product to happy customers in mid-2013.

We change our wine list often, so easily making quick changes is vital. Posboss also allows us to keep accurate track of stock movement.

Asher Boote - The Ramen Shop

Posboss provides owners with real-time data on how their business is being run at an affordable price. At the same time, owners have the ability to update their tills, send staff messages, maintain a database and control costs. It’s a great example of an entrepreneurial project where Touchtech has leveraged our technical expertise to design and build a compelling product that, with our partners, will be taken to the world.