Simplify giving, help good causes, reduce waste.

When someone buys us a gift, we want it to be meaningful, something that we really want and will cherish. But often there isn’t anything we really need when our birthday, Christmas, or other special events roll around. That makes it hard for gift-buyers to choose meaningful gifts, and means often the gifts we receive are destined for a lifetime in a closet or a drawer.

The Good Registry aims to resolve this and to make every gift count - for zero waste and 100 percent goodness.

The Good Registry’s Founder and all-round good sort Christine Langdon came to us with her idea for a platform, which allows users to ask gift givers not to buy them stuff, but instead make a donation to their charity of choice. A social enterprise aiming to simplify giving, reduce wasteful purchases, and help good causes - making for the perfect gift idea.

Needless to say, we were sold. 


It was paramount that we developed a content strategy that would reflect the thoughtful, and genuinely good foundations of Christine’s vision, therefore considerable attention was given with regards to the design side of the project. Though a majority of our projects have been more driven by the tech, rather than design aspects, we are extremely proud to have produced a slick and functional website with a beautiful design. From the initial whiteboard sessions, to building the software, and adding the final UI touches, we worked meticulously to ensure our build was congruent with what our client envisaged.

With Christmas around the corner, we had a tight deadline. A close eye was kept on the scope of work throughout the project, to ensure we kept focus on the core functionality and key features essential for the first release. Ultimately, we found it particularly rewarding delivering a great product on time, and putting in some long hours for such a fantastic cause.

We had a great experience developing The Good Registry website; with Christine producing content of exceptional quality for us to work with, and providing timely feedback with regular pop-ins - exemplifying the ideal client! If you want to pay it forward, reduce wasteful clutter, or simply resolve your woes trying to think of a gift, look into The Good Registry.