An app to help you find and fund your next home.

Ubank, a subsidiary of National Australia Bank, wanted to provide their customers with an easier way of finding properties and applying for home loans.

We worked across the ditch to develop UrHome, an app which aggregates real estate data across Australia, giving users accurate information about all homes for sale, and helping them calculate their budget for taking out a home loan.

Working remotely for UBank meant that most of the communication and project interaction was managed digitally. Tools such as Trello and Skype allowed for the seamless integration of our remote clients into the core development of the product. We also travelled to Melbourne or Sydney once every three months to touch base on the project.

We built an iPad and iPhone app, so that UBank’s customers could carry the system with them when they went to visit an open home. The apps integrate data from a third-party real estate service to give users detailed, up-to-date information about their next potential home. Users can then rate each house based on their own criteria, such as location, affordability and sunlight, and compare them with other houses they’ve visited.

Users can also use the app to model changes to their current home loan, by adjusting the parameters and comparing results. The app also integrates a database of building cost information to help users estimate the price of home improvements.

Once customers have made a decision about their dream home, the app then plugs into UBank’s system so they can apply for a loan. Finding the information needed to take out a home loan has never been easier.